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An adventurer at heart. I love being creative with the camera and my hands. I am happiest when in the wild, discovering nature or building something.

In 2016 I decided it was time to start making my dreams a reality and I built myself an expedition vehicle based on an ex British Army Leyland Daf T244. Matilda was born.

My goal for Matilda was to travel overland and explore those difficult to reach and wild places few people ever visit. Crossing the Gobi Desert in Mongolia as a priority. While traveling through Kazakstan I met my future wife.  We were Married in Kazakhstan in 2019

After 18 months of traveling I am now back in the UK with Matilda.

What next.   My bucket list is very long. 

High up on my list of things to do is


Drive across Africa

Drive solo in a self built solar powered vehicle to the north pole.

Sail around the world.

Overland North to South America.

As well as my own projects I am always interested to get involved in others. 

If you need an adventure filmmaker then get in touch.


No matter what the challenge is, or how bad the situation, I want to capture and share it in a cinematic way.

Something personal about me.


I love cats. So they often appear in my work.

You can follow me on


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