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Current Location


Great Yarmouth



The Plan

The plan is to drive from the South East coast of England, up the East coast to the northern tip of Scotland, cross to the Orkney Islands and back down the West Coast. 

 Along the way I will be stopping to do various jobs on overland vehicles and meet up with like minded people. If you would like any work done on your overland truck or camper or just fancy a meet up get in touch.

Two of my goals are to see some of the Seal colonies around the UK coast and Puffins. 

I absolutely love the scenery in Scotland and cannot wait to get up there with my camera. I also want to visit the 4 most extremities of the UK. North, South East and West.

You can see our rougth location on the map.


We left Hastings on the 18th February. 

14th March. Still in Felixstowe.

Have been kept busy working on a future overland truck. Very similar to Matilda.

Follow me on Instagram, Face book and You Tube for the latest updates.



30th April

Finally left Felixstowe heading to Lowestoft for one reason. Its the most easterly point in the UK so had to be done. Does not seem to be much to do so will be leaving tomorrow. 

1st May

Arrived in Great Yarmouth. Just because we can and it has a nice beach. The weather was a bit mixed but pleased to have a good reason to get the camera out. I much prefer some drama and colour to my photos. 

4th May. 

Arrived in Louth to see Paul Jackman who needs some electrics in his T244 cab and additional electrics in the habitat.


I will be based in Haverhill for the foreseeable future building an overland truck for a customer.

You can follow the weekly build vlog on my youtube channel or head to the video page.

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To circumnavigate Africa overland and produce an overland travel series to be shared free on You Tube. 


Preparations are now starting. (May 2020) There are a number of modifications being made to Matilda. These will take place over the next year while. These include additional water tanks, reduction in chassis weight, larger black water tank, additional solar, an electric winch, gas oven and more.

Having recently returned from overlanding in Central Asia I now need to raise the funds for Africa.


Why donate.

Any donations will go to the Africa fund and support the new Africa travel series.

All donations are greatly 

appreciated as it keeps the videos coming.

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A solo expedition to reach the geographic North Pole using a self built solar powered vehicle.


04/10/20. UPDATE

I had a bit of a break through this week inspired by seeing a photograph or a Triumph Tiger with spiky rear tyre and a ski on the front.  Taking a motorcycle to the North pole will be a harder trip but significantly reduces the costs involved, the amount of time I need to spend in a workshop building a vehicle ( This is very good, I would rather be exploring than on the back end of on of an angle grinder) and the personal rewards are somewhat larger. The potential danger of falling through the ice is very real and needs to be dealt with. But I have a number or ingenious ideas.  I am really liking the simplicity of this idea. I will need to build a composite sledge with detachable wheels which will house my gear, batteries, solar panels and double up as my sleeping pod.  A donor bike needs to be selected and then decide whether to add a ski on the front or a larger spiky front tyre.  I am leaning towards the large spiky tyre as the bike will need to operate over rocky terrain while in Green land.  

I am feeling a little excited. 😁


Actively researching.

Currently looking for sponsorship and funding.

Considering a Alvis Stalwart for the base vehicle as it has excellent off road capability and it can swim. Another great choice would the the Hagglands BV206 tracked vehicle as it has exceptional off road capabilities, very low ground pressure and it can also swim.  

Potential expedition date. Spring 2022


Why donate.

Donations would accelerate this project and get it up and going.


Right now I need to source a base vehicle. The Alvis Stalwart is the favourite at the moment and would make an excellent expedition vehicle. A lot of work and research will go into building this vehicle. Especially the electric drive, solar arrays and heating system.

Everything I do will be on You Tube, including the expedition.

All donations are greatly 


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