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Dinitrol 4941

The underbody coating product is widely used in the treatment of vehicles during production, at import plants and in aftermarket applications. When applied to a clean, dry surface, it adheres to both painted surfaces and those coated with a layer of PVC or similar material. Zinc, rubber and plastics are completely unharmed by the product. DINITROL 4941 / Car is also designed for use on spare parts, machines and iron and steel structures in highly corrosive environments.


What I say.

The below image is my truck after applying Dinitrol 4941 to the chassis.   Its a nice product to use but is best to pre heat the bottle in hot water, especially if applying in winter. You will need to use a shutz gun like one below to apply this product. 

I would certainly use this product on my own vehicles as well as customer projects.

Chassis Treatment


Dinitrol 4941

A Leyland Daf T244 size truck will require 8 - 10 1 litre bottles to cover.


Matilda was painted using Upol Raptor. It's a 2 part paint that can be tinted any colour you like.  It's easy to spray and can be used on many different surfaces including vinyl seats. One word of CAUTION. Take the health can safety info seriously. The instructions will tell you to use an air fed mask. There are some filter masks you can use but you MUST use the correct type.  Your health and safety is your responsibility. If i can find the correct mask I will add it here.  But don't take my word for it.

Do your own research.

Paint coverage

A truck like Matilda would need around 30 litres of Raptor.


LED Lights

The LED lighting below is from the same brand as I have on Matilda. I have tested these for two and a half years in temperatures below -40˚c as well as high vibration and dusty environments.

In the this video you can see how well the lights perform.  On the side of Matilda I have 3 x 36 watts light. The work lights are 18 watts, the reverse lights are 2 x 36 watts, and the front light bar is made up of 5 x 72 watt.


CLARKE ELECTRIC WATER PUMP 1 230V 61 LITRE/MIN by Clarke International


What I say.

I have been using this Clarke transfer pump to to fill my water tanks for the last 2 years. It works very well, has lots of pressure to push water through your first stage water filtration system and consumes around 700-800 watts during pumping.  When priming get the pump as close to the water source as possible.  I find it easiest to have a hose pipe connection on the top fitting for connecting a hose pipe to the truck for filling.  When primings, remove the top fitting and fill with water.

  • Maximum output: 61l/min

  • Maximum head: 46m

  • 1200Watt, 230V motor

  • Self priming

  • Corrosion and rust proof construction

  • Includes 1” output elbow, integral carry handle, electric cable with plug and water resistant on/off switch

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 348mm x 218mm x 243mm

Clarke FVF10 1" Plastic Foot Valve Filter

Prefilter for 1" in suction hose.  Recommended for use with Clarke water transfer pump.


Foot Valve SENRISE 1" BSP Brass Check Valve Spring Non Return Check Valve Pump Inlet Filter Strainer with 1" 22mm Hosetail for Pump (1PCS



Electrics - DC - DC converters

You may need to convert 12 volts to 24, or 24 volts to 12.  

You can do this easily with the addition of a DC - DC converter.

For example if you have a leyland Day T244 you may want to install some 12 volt electrics in the cab as the electrics are currently 24v.  To do this use a Viltron Orion 24/12  DC Converter. You will need to consider how much power you need and buy a suitable rated DC -DC converter.

I have 2 Orion 24v - 12v 25 amp dc -dc converters in Matilda. One in the cab, one in the habitat. Matilda has a mixture of 12v, 24v and 240v electrics. Her battery system is 24v but some electronics only come in 12v and there is often more options in the 12 v line of products.

GPS Speedometer

100M Reel 2mm 25Amp 2 Core Thin wall Twin Cable Wire Automotive Auto Marine

12 Volt Fans

These 12v fans are excellent for improving circulation in your self build overland truck or camper. They are exceptionally quiet and very efficient  consuming less than 1 watt. Ranging in diameter from 120mm to 80 mm. Ideal for mounting in cupboards or bulkheads to eliminate damp.

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