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In the beginning

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

As a teenager I would spend hours looking through a large atlas of the world studying the maps and imagining what was there. One place in particular appealed to me more than all the others. MONGOLIA. In particular, the idea of crossing the Gobi desert. But this was just a dream.

4 years ago ( January 2015) I decided it was time to stop dreaming and to make my dreams reality. Now I was 34 years old and had recently discovered a love of film making. An overland journey to Mongolia would give me a chance to really get stuck into it my new found skill. From that moment I dedicated all my free time to planning the trip and building an expedition vehicle.

Joining me on the adventure would be Gary and Tina, my best friends. Together they had some kind of epiphany about life and the future. We all seemed to be on the same page. It wasn't just about an adventure. We all had office jobs and spent most of our days under artificial light, spent many hours sitting in traffic and paying bills all just to live for the weekends. It's no life. We wanted to escape the machine. Take back our freedom.

The 3 of us seriously considered sailing around the world together. This is another dream high up on my list. With Gary and Tina's lack of sailing experience and the cost involved in buying and maintaining a suitable yacht it was decided overlanding to Mongolia was the trip for us. It became more than a trip. It was a new life, and we wanted to inspire others to follow their own dreams.

It was a 10 day trip on this ship that woke me up and was the trigger to a new way of life.

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